A message from our Pastor

May 30, 2020
It’s been 11 weeks since we last met together. I can’t wait for our Regathering Sunday on June 7. Let the countdown begin.  Many of you have already completed the Regathering Survey – Thank you! If you have not, then please moment to complete this Regathering Survey Link.  This will help us to adequately plan for that special day. There will be two service options for you to attend (8:45am or 10:30am) so that we can provide plenty of physical distance between people in the sanctuary.    
We will regather on June 7 with two worship services to provide plenty of physical distance.
  • One service will begin at 8:45am and conclude by 10:00am.
  •  A second service will begin at 10:30am and conclude by 11:45am. (This service will also be livestreamed.)
Prepare your hearts to Regather by reading the Psalms of Ascent in addition to your 260 Key Chapters Bible Reading Plan
  • Sunday, May 31 – Read: Psalms 120-121
  • Monday, June 1 – Read: Psalms 122-123
  • Tuesday, June 2 – Read: Psalms 124-125
  • Wednesday, June 3 – Read: Psalms 126-127
  • Thursday, June 4 – Read: Psalms 128-129
  • Friday, June 5 – Read: Psalms 130-131
  • Saturday, June 6 – Read: Psalm 132
  • Sunday, June 7 – Read: Psalm 133-134
Please consider the following before regathering on June 7 or later.
  • If you or a family member are sick, coughing, or running fever, then we encourage your entire family to stay home and get well and prevent spreading any germs.
  • We encourage you to be aware of your own risk factors and make a wise decision for your own health and safety before attending church or other activities.
  • Making a decision to attend or not attend because of health considerations is a personal choice that we will all respect.
Things that will not change
  • We will continue to have a wonderful time of multigenerational worship.
  • We will continue expository preaching from God’s Word.
  • We will warmly welcome members and guests attending both services (in a safe way).
  • We will continue to have people on safety patrol to monitor the parking lot and building.
  • We will continue to provide online worship and preaching at 10:30AM for those at home.
Changes to provide for your regathering safety on June 7.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer for you as you enter (You may bring your own if you prefer).
  • We will provide a mask for you if you would like one.  State guidelines do not mandate that masks be worn in church (this will be optional for you).
  • We will have seats marked where you can and can’t sit to provide appropriate physical distances.
  • We will not have our traditional greeting time where we hug and shake hands, but we do encourage you to visit and socialize before and after the services outside at a safe distance.
  • We will have offering plates at the front and back of the sanctuary.  We will not pass the plate during the service.
  • There will be no childcare.  Children will be with their parents or guardians throughout the worship service.
  • Parents will need to escort their children to the bathroom if they need to go during the service.
  • At the conclusion of the service, we encourage you to exit the sanctuary and socialize at a safe distance outside so we can promptly clean the sanctuary.
  • We will not have coffee or snacks available in the fellowship hall.
  • We will be sanitizing particular areas of the church between services.
Our last Salt and Light Evangelism series on May 31 addressed some common questions about sharing the gospel.  We resume our study in the Gospel of Mark learning about the religious trial of Jesus in Mark 14:66-72. We are working on some Sunday School options for June that will likely entail a combination of online and in person gatherings for students and adults.  Children will likely continue to meet online.
Please be in prayer for our services this Sunday and for our Regathering Services on Sunday, June 7 at 8:45am and 10:30am.
There are several links to documents on the home page that will help you to be engaged on Sunday and even beyond.   I would encourage you to print them off to aid you in worship, study, and prayer.  I love y’all and am praying for you and your families. Until we meet again may you and I Magnify > Multiply > Mobilize.  See you Sunday!
Ben Phillips, Pastor