Providing safety and protection for the children in our care

At FBC Murphy, we care deeply for our children and students, it is our responsibility to provide a safe, fun, and nurturing environment for all children and students in the classrooms, during special events, camps, and retreats. For us to provide the best care and protection for our children and students we are following Ministry Safe’s 5-part strategy for their protection, and your protection as a leader or teacher.  Through this process, everyone who is already serving and those who plan to work with children and students (i.e., classrooms, Summerific Fun, camps, retreats, mission trips, etc.) will go through this process (Background check, sexual abuse awareness training, reference check, application, and interview). 

Please know that FBC Murphy has an expectation that every deacon, teacher, or anyone who leads a ministry, group, or committee in our church, goes through Ministry Safe Sexual Abuse Awareness Training and a Background Check.

We are called to serve with care and excellence as we share God’s word and lead by example. Part of our strategy to provide this essential care is to follow the five-part strategy through Ministry Safe.

The Safety System

Sexual Abuse Awareness Training
Skillful Screening
Policies and Procedures Children and Student (Read Only, do not have to print unless you want a copy).
Background Checks (You will receive an email from Ministry Safe, click on link to complete this form).

Monitoring and Oversight

Please print the following documents that require you to fill out forms:

Safety Application for Volunteers
Applicant Statements and Agreed Code of Conduct

Fill out completely to get the process started. Once you have the forms filled out, please bring to the church office.  If you are unable to print at home, we will have copies available for you to pick up in the church office.

We encourage you to return completed forms during regular office hours Tuesday – Friday, 9 am – 2 pm, or on Sundays during Service and Life Group times.

We will contact you about the next steps in the process (interview and classroom procedures).     

Thank you for your desire to teach and lead our Children and Students, they are the next generation, and we want to serve them well and equip them to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
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